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Organization Chart

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organization chart

Organization chart


Job Descriptions of Organization


Marine National Park Service Regulations (issued on June 12, 2007)
Article 1 The set of regulations are set up by Marine National Park Headquarter, Ministry of the Interior (MNPH) in order to regulate the specific job descriptions of internal departments.
Article 2 The director is responsible for synthesizing business affairs as well as directing and managing other staff, whereas the deputy director is entitled to assisting the director in facilitating the business affairs.
Article 3 The job descriptions of the secretary are stated as follows:
1. composing work plan
2. evaluating and finalizing paper work
3. composing correspondence with other departments
4. managing administrative affairs
5. organizing, scheduling, or hosting meetings
6.Other assigned
Article 4

Sections, office, and management station are set up under Marine National Park Headquarter:
1. Planning Management Section
2. Maintenance of Environment Section
3. Conservation Research Section
4. Interpretation and Education Section
5. General Affairs Office
6. Management Station

Article 5 The job descriptions of Planning Management manager are stated as follows:
1. organizing, evaluating, and modifying various plans of Marine National Park Headquarter(MNPH), Ministry of the Interior
2. composing correspondence with other departments at MNPH
3. organizing and planning internal management and important constructions of the territory of MNPH
4. acquiring and coordinating land and marine usage at MNPH; 5. organizing and planning MNPH establishment
6. accumulating, researching, and composing regulations of National Park Law and management document
7. processing architecture design regulations, illegal architecture report, and violation cases of national park law at MNPH
8. managing information affairs of MNPH
9. organizing and planning of Planning Management manager for establishing the future marine national parks
10. facilitating other issues related to Planning Management manager
Article 6 The job descriptions of Maintenance of Environment manager are stated as follows:
1. organizing, designing, distributing, constructing, proctoring, and budget implementing various public facilities at MNPH
2. restoring and renovating relics and historic sites at MNPH
3. inspecting, investigating, and researching public facilities at MNPH
4. acquiring permission for construction and abolishment of public and private architecture, roads, and bridges at MNPH
5. coordinating investigation of maintenance of soil and water at MNPH
6. processing forest restoration and landscape maintenance at MNPH
7. managing environment of MNPH
8. managing architecture of at MNPH
9. organizing and planning maintenance of environment for establishing the future marine national parks
10. facilitating other issues related to maintenance of environment
Article 7 The job descriptions of Conservation Research manager are stated as follows:
1. conserving, researching, managing, implementing, and inspecting natural ecology at MNPH
2. acquiring, researching, and managing documents regarding natural resource and humanistic history at MNPH
3. collecting, producing, researching, and restoring various specimens at MNPH
4. approving and managing application of collecting specimens for academic research at MNPH
5. applying and promoting results of conservation research at MNPH
6. acknowledging and processing cases of violating natural and humanistic document at MNPH
7. inspecting environment of MNPH, managing public hygiene, and finalizing ecological evaluation at MNPH
8. processing entry permission and conservation inspection check to ecological protection area at MNPH
9. organizing and planning conservation research for establishing the future marine national parks
10. facilitating other issues related to conservation research
Article 8 The job descriptions of Interpretation and Education manager are stated as follows:
1. organizing design, implementing and inspecting park interpretation system and environmental education at MNPH
2. promoting and researching park interpretation system and environmental education at MNPH
3. establishing park internship center and exhibition hall as well training and managing staff at MNPH
4. acquiring, editing, restoring, and displaying document of park interpretation system and environmental education at MNPH
5. designing and producing audio media of interpretation education at MNPH
6. organizing promotion activity of natural and humanistic resource conservation as well as implementing tourist interpretation service at MNPH
7. composing and implementing conservation promotion plans at MNPH
8. organizing and planning interpretation education and ecotourism for establishing the future marine national parks
9. facilitating other issues related to interpretation and education
Article 9 The job descriptions of General Affairs Office are stated as follows:
1. managing secretary, general affairs, information, researching and examining, law regulation, as well as public relations
2. facilitating other issues related to assisting service
Article 10 Personnel manager is set up to facilitate personnel management affairs abiding to the personnel regulations.
Article 11 Accountant is set up to process annual report, accounting, and statistical affairs abiding to the regulations.
Article 12 The job descriptions of Management Station are stated as follows:
1. maintaining, researching, and conserving natural resources at Management Station
2. researching, restoring, and managing maintenance of cultural historic relics at Management Station
3. managing interpretation promotion and safety maintenance at Management Station
4. managing maintenance of research learning center and all kinds of public facilities at Management Station
5. providing assistance for all sorts of emergency at Management Station
6. managing the area of Management Station and its neighboring area
Article 13 MNPH facilitates business affairs in accordance with layer responsibility system. Hence, each privilege is subject to the detailed regulation table at different layer.
Article 14 The regulations shall be enacted effectively since the day of issue.





Interpretation and Education Section


Deputy Director


Conservation Research Section




Dongsha Management Station


General Affairs Office


Personnel Staff


Planning Management Section




Maintenance of Environment Section


Marine National Park Headquarters: