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Dongsha Atoll National Parkis the first national park of Taiwan that is established to mainlyserve the purpose of conserving the marine environment. In order to improve theresearch capability of marine science of Dongsha Atoll National Park and itsinternational recognition, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry ofScience and Technology have been cooperating on the construction of Dongsha Marine Research Center.Wei-jen Chen, Minister of the Interior, and Shan-cheng Chang, Minister ofScience and Technology, joined hands at the ceremony on November, 6th, to unveil the ResearchCenter, proving that the marine conservation andthe sustainability of marine resources have been Taiwan's top priority.

Dongsha Atoll National Park is the seventh nationalpark of Taiwan. The chief mission of the "Dongsha Atoll NationalPark" project is to promote the ecological restoration, monitoring andresearch on both marine and land areas. In order to reach the goal of marinesustainability, the Southern Coastal Patrol Office of the Coast Guard Administration,Executive Yuan, provides land for National Sun Yat-sen University and theMarine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) to construct the "Dongsha Marine Research Center".The research center was built with the hope ofcompleting the facilities for marine research, improving the researchconditions of the South China Sea area, drawing domestic and foreign researchteams and promoting the international ranking of Taiwan in marine conservation.On the other hand, the results of the investigations can serve as a referencefor future management.

The unveiling ceremony took place on the Dongsha Atoll and washosted by Wei-jen Chen, Minister of the Interior, and, Shan-cheng Chang,Minister of Science and Technology. Personnel from the cooperating departments,such as National Sun Yat-sen University, the Southern Coastal Patrol Office ofthe Coast Guard Administration of the Executive Yuan and the Kaohsiung CityMarine Bureau, also participated in the ceremony and witnessed the gloriousmoment. Minister Wei-jen Chen said during his speech that Taiwan is an islandcountry and that we all have to take the responsibility of maintaining thesustainability of the ocean. Establishing the "Dongsha Marine Research Center"on Dongsha not only completes the research facilities of marine science, butalso promotes Dongsha Atoll National Park to become a pivotal location on theSouth China Sea for marine conservation and research.

The construction of "Dongsha MarineResearch Center" started in November, 2013.The Headquarters was in charge of building the main structure. National SunYat-sen University was responsible for the interior facilities. Meanwhile, theMinistry of Science and Technology subsidizes the budget for research fromAugust, 2013, to July, 2017, through the project of "Establishment ofInternational Marine Research Center- Dongsha ".Applying green technology, the building of Dongsha MarineResearch Center recycles and reuses rainwater;it is also a candidate for the Silver Green Building Label. The research spaceis composed of dry and wet laboratories and possesses diving equipment andocean monitoring devices, such as a water quality monitor and the ocean wavemonitor; with the facilities and the equipment, researchers from both home andabroad are able to conduct long-term observation, conservation and basicinvestigation. On the other hand, the 0.8-ton "Atoll Number 1" andthe 8-ton "Atoll Number 2" research boats greatly increase thefeasibility of exploring the lagoons on the Dongsha Atoll.

Inthe future, the MNPH will conduct a prospectivestudy focusing on Dongsha. Through the approach of inter-disciplinarycooperation and the system of training professional marine researchers, theHeadquarters intends to raise the international recognition of DongshaAtoll National Park and reach the goal of conserving the resources andmaintaining sustainability on Dongsha Atoll. (News clip adapted from theofficial website of the Ministry of the Interior on November, 6th.)

Grouppicture of the attending guests in front of the Dongsha Marine Research Center. (Fifth fromthe left stands Mr. Wei-jen Chen, Minister of the Interior. Fifth from theright stands Mr. Shan-cheng Chang, Minister of Science and Technology.)
Grouppicture of the attending guests in front of the Dongsha Marine Research Center.
(Fifth fromthe left stands Mr. Wei-jen Chen, Minister of the Interior.
Fifth from theright stands Mr. Shan-cheng Chang, Minister of Science and Technology.)