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Ecology and Conservation

Research Report

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Since the foundation of the South Penghu Marine National Park in 2014, the development objectives have been maintenance of natural and cultural landscape, promotion of green energy, and construction of friendly environment. In order to demonstrate local humanity and ecological common consensus, by examining local unique excellent value and landscape image and according to three landscape space, coastal landscape, Caizhai landscape and village landscape, this project proposes overall landscape and facility development framework and landscape principles. Upon the principles, it selects the functional space and facilities, establishes design specifications regarding facilities and vegetation and constructs completeness of overall landscape and facility planning as criteria to implement high-quality park. Planning content is based on green infrastructure, landscape ecology aesthetics and ecological cultural landscape value as concepts. It establishes space use plan of Dongji Island, Dongyuping Island, and Siyuping Island, harbor image plan, public facility plan, village construction plan and vegetation plan. In addition, through interactive forums, it collects demands of local use and describes future landscape vision of national park. By participation of local community and residents in the project and fulfillment of common consensus, it carries out the goal of sustainable operation of national park.

Key words: Outstaning remarkable values, ecological culture trail, landscape space spectrum.