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Ecology and Conservation

Research Report

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The survey of fish fauna of Nan-Fang 4 islands of Penghu islands from Taiwan have yielded 55 families 171 genera 476 fish species from historical records to present. In fish species and resources survey, in 2017 there are 49 families 131 genera 287 fish species including 1 new species and 4 new recorded of marine gobiid fishes. Overall, there are 32 families 57 genera 93 fish species newly recorded in this area. The governmental conservation species, Cheilinus undulates is found at least 1 individual in the Dong-Ji water channel. Overall, there are many species with economic values need to be further concern, and more research for seasonal survey would also be need in near future. For the investigation of fishery resources, in South Penghu Marine National Park between November 2016 and October 2017, questionnaire survey and site investigation were conducted on the traditional fishery and leisure fishery.(1) Pole and lines fishery: Fishing season does not change significantly. The major fishing species of pole and lines fishery were Choerodon azurio, Parapristipoma trilineatum and Mullidae.(2) Long-line fishery: Fishing season does not change significantly. The major fishing species of long-line fishery were Haemulidae (sweetlips) and Choerodon azurio.(3) Gill net fishery: The major fishing species of gill net fishery were Scomberomorus commerson and Euthynnus affinis.(4) Leisure fishery: The major fishing species of sea fishing is Choerodon azurio, Epinephelus fasciatomaculosus and Haemulidae.Our research team would keep continuously monitoring the marine reef fish fauna of this region for providing more informative data to fish ecological conservation target. The Tei-Jan Protected Area is still needed to process the conservation program. The Dong-Ji Water Channel would be strongly suggested to under main-projected area for keeping the surrounding good fish resources with good economic fish species for sustainable fishery usage around the Formosan Strait.

Keyword: Nan-Fang 4 islands, Fish species and resources survey, Investigation of fishery resources