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Oct 23,2020
The Marine National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as "MNPH") organized its 13th anniversary celebration themed around Intergenerational Talk: Gen2Gen Legacy in the MNPH's Conference Hall Ⅱ on October 6, 2020. We counted with the presence of our current employees, retired employees, and departed employees and volunteers, among others.  Shao-Liang Hsu, Director of the MNPH, gives thanks to celebration guests.   The celebration was kickstarted with a performance by the ukulele orchestra Hi Young Ensemble, formed by 9 volunteers from the MNPH. Moreover, Chuan-An Wu, ex-Director of the MNPH; Hsiang-Chien Wu, ex-Deputy Director of the MNPH; and Shu-Chin Ma, Chair of the MNPH's Volunteer Committee, among others, offered their congratulations and best wishes to the MNPH for its anniversary. Group photo on the occasion of the MNPH's 13th anniversary Hi Young Ensemble, an ukulele orchestra formed by volunteers from the MNPH, felicitate the MNPH. Dialogue for Gen2Gen Legacy and Sustainability The MNPH designed a dialogue entitled Intergenerational Talk: Gen2Gen Legacy. Hosted by Chuan-An Wu, the MNPH's founding Director, and Tai-Ying Wu, foreign-trained technician of the MNPH's Conservation Research Section, the dialogue aimed to give our guests a better understanding on the MNPH's history and its context. Ex-Director Chuan-An Wu emotionally reminisced about the MNPH's early days. He transported the audience to past moments by sharing the story behind numerous pictures. Technician Tai-Ying Wu of the Conservation Research Section related his transformation from bohemian youth to marine conservation professional and the ensuing emotional journey. Chuan-An Wu, ex-Director of the MNPH, talks about the MNPH's early days. Tai-Ying Wu, technician of the Conservation Research Section, shared about how he chose marine conservation as a lifelong endeavor.   Work Experience in Dongsha and South Penghu Field Stations After the dialogue, Ming-Han Wu, researcher-in-residence at Dongji Station, talked about work experiences of resident employees in field stations under the theme Untold: Stories Behind the Parks. From conservation efforts, eco-camps, and ReefChecks in Dongsha, to daily life in Dongji Station, listeners became aware of hitherto-unknown stories behind numerous images. Ming-Han Wu, researcher-in-residence at Dongji Station, shared images from life in field stations. A Taste of Dongsha: Creative Merchandise The Interpretation and Education Section launched a series of creative merchandise at the anniversary celebration, such as mugs, drink coasters, heat-resistant placemats, and postcards, in order to spread public awareness on biodiversity in Dongsha's seagrass beds and introduce the vulnerable species sicklefin lemon shark (Negaprion acutidens). Such design can enable the general public to experience Dongsha's ecosystem in everyday life. Moreover, technician Hsin-I Chang spoke to listeners about the emotional journey behind these creations, as well as the rationale and skills involved in their production. Hsin-I Chang, technician of the Interpretation and Education Section, spoke about the production process behind Dongsha-themed creative merchandise. Finally, Shao-Liang Hsu, Director of the MNPH, expressed that the dialogue Intergenerational Talk: Gen2Gen Legacy, sharing of images from Dongsha and South Penghu field stations, the launch of Dongsha-themed creative merchandise, and viewing of ecological conservation videos enabled the audience to fully witness the MNPH's efforts and achievements. The MNPH's employees will continue to tirelessly work for and promote the goals of marine conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.

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A:Information on the premises of activities and detailed processes will be posted on our website, under the Activities section in the News section, prior to each event. Additionally, you may also obtain the information from news coverage of most major newspaper publications in the nation, or through other media coverage. Since each event is held differently from one another, the rules of application will differ also. Therefore, please refer to the information published at the time of the event, which will be based on the content of the website. You can click on the RSS button on the upper right corner of the Home page to subscribe to the latest news and information of the events from the headquarters.
A:According to the studies and the suggestions from many professionals, the marine ecology around Dongsha island had been damaged by the illegal fishing, and the reefs and biology inside the atoll was lost about 70% to 90%. Because Dongsha island belongs to the military control zone, it does not have enough tourist facilities. In 2004, the Executive Yuan approved “the Dongsha Atoll National Park Project.” The priority of the project is to restore and conserve the marine ecology in Dongsha area, and then to evaluate the possibility for the eco-tour and environmental education in the future. The Dongsha Atoll National Park is not open for the tourism currently due to the ecological studies, environmental restoration and safety management in the Dongsha area.
A:The design of the logo is based of the letter M, and the Chinese calligraphic texture is applied to represent the waves of the ocean. It also symbolizes the energy of the marine ecology with the visual contrast between light blue and white. A pattern blends in the water colour also represents a rich oceanic resource.
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