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Baby Green Sea Turtles Spawned in Dongsha (part B)
Jul 25,2019
Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) is a species of large sea turtle of the family Cheloniidae in the genus Chelonia, which belongs to ocean migratory species. Their habitat range extend throughout tropical and subtropical seas around the world. Green sea turtles feed on seaweed and large algae. Occasionally, they also feed on fish or invertebrates. Most mature sea turtles return to their birth places to mate and lay eggs. Each female lays 1 to 7 nests per spawning season, with about 110 to 130 eggs per nest. After the turtles hatch, it takes 20 to 50 years to become sexually mature, and only o...

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A:According to the studies and the suggestions from many professionals, the marine ecology around Dongsha island had been damaged by the illegal fishing, and the reefs and biology inside the atoll was lost about 70% to 90%. Because Dongsha island belongs to the military control zone, it does not have enough tourist facilities. In 2004, the Executive Yuan approved “the Dongsha Atoll National Park Project.” The priority of the project is to restore and conserve the marine ecology in Dongsha area, and then to evaluate the possibility for the eco-tour and environmental education in the future. The Dongsha Atoll National Park is not open for the tourism currently due to the ecological studies, environmental restoration and safety management in the Dongsha area.
A:The design of the logo is based of the letter M, and the Chinese calligraphic texture is applied to represent the waves of the ocean. It also symbolizes the energy of the marine ecology with the visual contrast between light blue and white. A pattern blends in the water colour also represents a rich oceanic resource.
Introduction to Dongsha Atoll National Park
Dongsha Atoll National Park is the seventh national park in the Republic of China,Taiwan( R.O.C.,Tai...

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