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The South Penghu Marine National Park was scheduled to be implemented on 8th June 2014. Timed to coincide with World Ocean Day, Marine National Park Headquarters (MNPH) collaborated with Agriculture and Fisheries of the Penghu County Government again to organize a book launch seminar for the new books, “Geological Trip around Penghu’s Four Southern Islets” and “Going Underwater around the Southern Four Islets,” at 10 a.m. on 8th June in the auditorium of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Penghu County。

Penghu County Magistrate, Chien-fa Wang,Chairman Zhao-ling Liu Chen, and several council members were present at the launching event. Magistrate Chien-fa Wang remarked that national parks are the eternal resources we can leave for the generations to come.Chairman Liu Chen also expressed that the two new books launched allowed the public to familiarize themselves with the marine culture and geological features of Penghu’s four southern islets. Hopefully, more books of this nature shall be published by MNPH in the future, so that more people can get to know The South Penghu Marine National Park。

The Director of MNPH Mo-lin Yang also indicated in his address that it is of great significance for The South Penghu Marine National Park to be approved by the Ministry of Interior this March, and be implemented on World Ocean Day 2014. National park is a universal language, representing the unrivaled natural environment and cultural heritage a country possesses. “South Penghu Marine National Park” is the latest new member joining the series of Taiwan’s national parks. Its establishment was much depended upon the guidance and cooperation of Penghu County Government, the council, local residents, and NGO experts and scholars. With respect to its management, minimum development shall be enforced in order to achieve sustainable operation。

The 2 lecturers, Yu-wen Chiu and Wen-shan Chen, who participated in the guided reading of the 2 new books conveyed important ideas about the conservation of natural resources and ocean in a vivid and lively manner. Furthermore, they provided valuable advices on parent-child reading for the participating parents. At the end of the event, they interacted well with the guests while signing books. All the guests who participated felt that they learnt a lot, and the ideas about marine ecological conservation were deeply imprinted in their mind。
王乾發縣長為新書發表活動致詞(海管處提供) 劉陳昭玲議長為新書發表活動致詞(海管處提供)
Penghu County Magistrate Chien-fa Wang delivering an address at the book launch event (provided by MNPH)
Chairman Zhaoling Liu Chen delivering an address at the book launch event (provided by MNPH)
有獎徵答得獎民眾與海管楊處長、農漁局林局長及陳文山老師、邱郁文老師合影(海管處提供) 參加民眾踴躍請陳文山老師與邱郁文老師簽書(海管處提供)
Group photo of the winners of Quiz for Prize, Director of MNPH, Director General of Agriculture and Fisheries, lecturers Wen-shan Chen and Yu-wen Chiu (provided by MNPH) Lecturers Wen-shan Chen and Yu-wen Chiu signing books on request of enthusiastic event participants (provided by MNPH)