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“Mysterious Pescadores-The Four Islands of Southern Penghu Exhibition”, organized by the Ministry of Culture, National Taiwan Museum and co-organized by the Penghu County Government and Marine National Park Headquarters, will be on display at the National Taiwan Museum from today until March 1st, 2015. This special exhibition introduces the geological landscape, peripheral rich marine ecology and nature of mysterious islands located in Penghu South Sea, including Dongjiyu, Sijiyu, Dongyupin, Siyuping four islands as well as surrounding nine smaller islets.
The four islands of southern Penghu possess features of ancient volcanic basalt, and preserve the last geological record of a basaltic volcano eruption in the Penghu Islands 820 million years ago. Additionally, with the existence of abundant shellfish fossils accumulated in the sandstones, all are precious geological islets landscape of the Pescadores. The four islands of southern Penghu have several special conditions such as low environmental development, special cultural landscape, well conserved natural resources and average up to 50% of sea coral reefs coverage, therefore Ministry of the Interior has launched “South Penghu Marine National Park”as the 9th National Park of our country on June 8th this year.
The content of the exhibition includes themes such as the hidden mysterious beautiful world, secret gigantic basalt, mysterious garden, ecological paradise of the secret islet under the sea, forgotten elegance and talent of the mysterious landscape, the retrospection and prospects of the pure land of Penghu, etc. We hope to introduce the four islands of southern Penghu by using pictures, texts, interactive installment and multimedia audio. The address of National Taiwan Museum: No.2, Xiangyang Rd., Taipei City 10046, Taiwan (R.O.C.), which locates inside 228 Peace Memorial Park. All interested people are welcome to visit.