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South Penghu Marine National Park is at suburbs with rich ecosystem and natural resources. The park provides marvelous lavender forests, a variety of Alcyoniidae and fishes. Thanks to diligent park rangers who patrol every day, the diving environment and quality are exceptional.


In order to balance ecological conservation and recreation, the headquarters are restricting the amount and locations for water activities. Marine Limited Use Areas (一般管制區) and Marine Recreation Areas (海域遊憩區) are allowed for water activities. Other ecological protected areas, such as Anvil Ecological Protected Area (tbc, original Chinese name: 鐵砧海域生態保護區), water activities are forbidden. Tourist quantity control is practiced in Marine Landscape Protected Areas for environmental conservation purpose. Please register at the headquarters before any water activities. For environmental and safety concerns, jet-skiing and any high-speed water activities (parasailing, banana boating, kiteboarding, waterskiing etc.) are forbidden.Depends on weather, the opening hour is from April 1st to September 30th, 06:00 to 18:00. Special requests for unlimited activity types and dates can be approved by the headquarters. Please hand in your activity plans for approvals.


Marine National Park Headquarters welcome everyone to visit South Penghu Marine National Park. As for independent divers, please be sure to register at the headquarters or consider participate in professional diving groups who are more familiar with local areas. Please make sure you or your diving groups receive the approved documents from the headquarters.


 Images: 1.Lavender Forest

 Lavender Forest


Images: 2.A swarm of Caesio caerulaurea

A swarm of Caesio caerulaurea