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To simplify the permit application procedures for the public as well as to reinforce the on-site management of the Penghu South Sea Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve, Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government entrusted the Basalt Nature Reserve to the jurisdiction under Marine National Park Headquarters (NMPH as following).  One-stop service has been established for the application for the entry permit for eco-tourism or activities in environmental education.

Dongji、Xiji、Touji(Steeple) and Tiejhen islands are famous with their magnificent geological basalt landscapes and abundant ecological resources. In 2008, Penghu County Government announced “Penghu South Sea Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve” to preserve the geological beauty of columnar basalt landscapes. However, these four islands were also under the jurisdiction of South Penghu Marine National Park. For anyone who wishes to visit these islands is required to apply entry permits for both Penghu Wildlife Sanctuary and Natural Reserve. In addition, visitor was also required to fill the form of “entry permit to conduct the programs in environmental education in the special scenic area in sea and land of South Penghu Marine National Park”. Nevertheless, NMPH has set up a station management deployed with national park polices and conservation personnel in Dongji island to execute on-site management on conservation. To facilitate the administrative procedures in entry permit application, one-stop service has been established for the public accordingly.


The Basalt landscapes in Touji islet are featured with diverse beauty



Whole of government Promote Administrative Efficiency


In addition to one-stop service, Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government and National Marine Park Headquarters (NMPH as following) have simultaneously reinforced the management on Nature Reserve and National Park as well. Penghu County Government has entrusted the permit application, restriction, maintenance and management, banning violations about the nature reserve etc. to NMPH based on the official document issued by Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government entitled with the registered No.10935017003 on Oct 28, 2020.


National Marine Park Headquarters will be responsible for the application of entry permit to the Nature Reserve in the future. In addition to that, as staffs and national park police in the station management are carrying out the daily routine patrol and management, they also can ban violations against any regulations of Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve, Wildlife Conservation Act and Fishery law. In accordance with the goal of whole of government, the case is required to transfer to Penghu County Government for following up penalties after evidence on violations are sufficiently collected.


The Basalt landscapes in Dongji islands