Marine National Park Headquarters

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The marine recreation area of South Penghu Marine National Park is featured with beautiful and magnificent coral ecology and abundant fish. The Marine National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as MNPH) open specific areas to visitors for snorkeling, diving and other water activities from April to September every year when sea state is relatively stable.

In order to avoid damages to the beautiful coral reefs due to the ship anchor, MNPH has installed 18 mooring buoys in the park to provide temporary mooring sites for ships. In addition, there are three fairway set up by buoys to ensure the safety of boats and water recreational personnel. Apparent Sign and flashlight were applied to enhance the visibility of buoys.

The use of buoy is designed at different grades to in respond to the different water depths. The buoys are painted with different colors and flags according to the depths of water, and are marked with names composed with English letters, numbers and name of organization. In order to enhance the visibility of buoy at night to avoid collisions, each buoy is equipped with flashlight. The mooring rope is equipped with buoyant materials to facilitate the hooking of the mooring rope, so that the pilot of the ship can clearly see them from the wheelhouse 500 meters away. For the detailed information about the location of the mooring buoys, please refer to the “Mooring Buoy Coordinates of Marine National Park Headquarters”.

Mooring buoy are classified for different use, please make good use of them agreeably. To facilitate the use of buoy by ships in different tonnages, mooring buoys designed for ship anchoring in a water depth of 3 meters and of 6 meters are installed, respectively. Ship can choose suitable mooring buoy according to their needs and tides. There are three fairway set up with buoys to indicate the right side of the exit of Dongjiyu wharf. Recreational personnel should not go beyond the boundary of buoys to avoid danger by mistakenly entering the fairway.

Maintenance of offshore facilities is difficult. In order to maintain the facility life for the normal validity period and to extend the life of the facility, please refer to the “Precautions for Use” of the mooring buoys before use them.

Precautions for Use

  1. The mooring buoys installed are only available for mooring of boats under 20-ton (inclusive). Do not anchor any boat that exceeds this tonnage limit.
  2. To avoid improper pulling of the mooring buoy by boats, please bring your own rope at least 1.5 meters in legth. The rope is required to go through the mooring noose when using it. Do not fix the noose directly to the boat.
  3. The pilot is required to approach the mooring buoy by the bow of the boat. Do not lean on the ball hook rope at the stern to avoid breaking the rope.
  4. Due to the limited mooring facilities, please allow boats with passengers to board or to dive and other immediate needs first. Large boats or ships without immediate needs are recommended to anchor in the sandy area around the mooring buoys.    
  5. Considering the endurance of facilities, it is recommended that each buoy be used by only one vessel. If multiple ships need to use it at the same time, two ships are allowed at most.
  6. Boats with a draft within 2.5 meters are required to use mooring buoys with orange flag in a water depth of 3 meters. Sailboats are restricted to use the buoys with red flags in the water depth of 6 meters
  7. The indicated depth on each buoy is for reference only. The pilot should choose a suitable mooring buoy according to the actual sea conditions and tides. At the same time, please be alert to the rising and falling tides to avoid collisions with coral reefs.
  8. If any mooring buoy is shifted away from proper position and unavailable for use, please notify the Dongji Management Station at once and stop anchoring operation.


The mooring buoy has apparent markings and the name of the agency

Published: May 28,2021