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The Marine National Park Headquarters (referred as the MNPH) carried out the cleaning up of marine litter for the coastal landscapes in the Penghu South Four Islands National Park.  The cleanup operation on the coast of both Dongyuping Yu and Xiyuping Yu was from June 1 to June 28. With 10 to 15 persons/time/day,  the area of 30,000 m2 of coastal cleanup was completed by June. A total of about 40 tons of marine wastes were cleared.

The Executive Yuan promotes the marine policy of "Salute to the Sea-Coastal Cleaning and Maintenance Plan". It has established a management system for coastal clean lines to achieve the goal of bringing every inch of land under management agencies and keeping every inch of the coast clean. In addition to the regular cleanup of hotspots and coasts where are frequently visited by tourists, the MNPH also entrusts manufacturers to clean up the marine waste that has been accumulated on the coast for many years. And we occasionally organize a beach cleanup related to environmental education to maintain a clean environment.


In the Penghu South Four Islands National Park, most of the coasts is composed of basalt, babble, and gravel beaches. Steep terrain combined with natural factors such as monsoons and marine waves makes marine debris stuck among rocks and difficult to remove. To prevent the magnificent basalt and beautiful intertidal zone in the park from being buried in the garbage dump, the MNPH conducts coastal cleanup by manual pick-up following by the transportation of ships.

In addition to Dongxiyuping, coastal cleanup operations in Xijiyu was carried out with 8-10 person/time a day starting from July 14. Considering the influence of the typhoon and the following operation restriction by the northeast monsoon, the MNPH gradually increased cleanup manpower and carried out multiple coastal cleanups simultaneously. It is expected that a total of 80,000 m2 of coastal cleanup operation in Dongyuping Yu and Xiyuping Yu will be completed by October. The cleanup of marine debris will be shipped to a legal garbage disposal site for the final treatment. We are looking forward to giving the four islands a clean new look through the comprehensive coastal cleanup this year.



The Scene before cleanup



The Scene after cleanup