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Marine National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the MNPH) was established on October 4, 1996, marking its 14th anniversary this year with the theme of "strengthening partnership". The MNPH invites volunteers, representatives of residents of South Penghu Four Islands, Mr. Lv Kunhan and Ms. Chen Meihua, the retired founder and the former director Wu Quanan, as well as the former secretary and current MNPH Director Lin Wenhe of the Kenting National Park Headquarters gathered on October 4. They appreciated the Po-Kua(褒歌)culture (Penghu folk song) and shared the achievements of the national park in marine conservation work this year. The overall activity was completed in the interaction of singing, photography exhibition, caring, and memory. That demonstrated the rich natural and cultural heritage in the national park.


To present the amiable praise culture of South Penghu Marine National Park, MNPH specially invited the teacher Lu Kunhan from Xiping Village and Ms. Chen Weihua from Dongping Village to participate in the activities of the 14th-anniversary celebration. They chanted 5 Po-Kua (褒歌) live. Everyone was attracted by the scenery of the island in the poetry and was back to the early island life in the memories of the two teachers. A new book "A Journey to the Penghu South Marine National Park" was released by the contracted researcher Wu Minghan from MNPH this year. The records of his work accumulated over for more than a year are described through text and photos of national parks. The challenges and achievement of the fieldwork show the responsibility and passion of the national park staff toward the land.


In the atmosphere of gatherings, MNPH also held a ceremony for the 18 pieces of photo that were recommended to be awarded in the collection of photography for exhibition in August this year. These winners included experts who are active in the forefront of ecological conservation and image recording, as well as photography enthusiasts who love the Penghu Four Southern Islands and are regularly engaged in in-depth travel. In addition, MNPH received a total of 12 enthusiastic submissions of photographic work from volunteers and residents of the Penghu Four Southern Islands.

These photos that show diverse perspectives and cares are especially cherished by MNPH. They have been included in the exhibition together with the winning works in the Award of Chasing Light on Island. The opening ceremony of the Award of Chasing Light on Island in the "14th Anniversary Celebration was held on the celebration site. The activity was accomplished with the tour by Researcher Wu Minghan.


In the beautiful golden season of autumn, MNPH invites everyone to the Interpretation Service Center of MNPH in the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park to visit the Award of Chasing Light on Island Photography Exhibition. The exhibition began from October 4 to December 26. Let's enjoy the national park through the lens of the photographer, and appreciate the sweat and joy in marine conservation.

Ps Po-Kua (褒歌): a folk song only in Penghu. It was created by a singer of free will by chanting poetry.



Legend 1: Gather together to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Marine National Park Headquarters in the autumn sun.




Legend 2: The Marine National Park Headquarters began the celebration ceremony in the music played by the Hi-young Orchestra formed by volunteers.




Legend 3: Director Xu Shaoliang gave a welcome speech.




Legend 4: Director Wu Quanan, the founder and former director of the Marine National Park Headquarters, presented prizes to the first, second, and third prize winners in the event of photography collection exhibition.




Legend 5: The current director of the Kenting National Park Headquarter, Lin Wenhe, presented awards to the winners of the selected and outstanding works in the event of the photography collection exhibition.




Legend 6: Captain Huang Jianzhi of the Seventh Special Police Corps of the Ministry of the Interior presented awards to the winners of the Award Chasing Light on Island.




Legend 7: Mrs. Lv Kunhan and his wife, Ms. Chen Meihua, chant a Po-Kua (褒歌) to describe the life memories of, Dongyupingyu, conveying the feeling of longing for hometown in Penghu.




Legend 8: The book " A New Hometown, My Old Hometown- A Journey to the Penghu Southern Four Islands, " is a collection of precious records of the frontline works in the conservation of a marine-type national park. The contents selected from this book are transformed into an exhibition and are shared with the public at the Interpretation Service Center.




Legend 9: The shy and sensitive sickle fin lemon shark migrated to Dongsha Atoll National Park to give birth to a new generation of life. With time and patience, Mr. Su Huai took precious pictures and won the first prize in the Dongsha Atoll National Park category in the photography collection.




Legend 10: Mr. Ren Youting, who has a strong passion for Penghu, used a camera to record the sparks of the Dongyupingyu port in the afterglow of the setting sun. His work was affirmed by the judging committee and won the first prize in the “Excellent Photos” category of Penghu South Marine National Park.