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Management Policy

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1. Drafted according to the "Administrative Organization Electronic Data Exchange Implementation Guideline" and "Marine National Park Administration Office Information Safety Management Guideline"

2. Marine National Park Administration (the Administration hereafter) drafted this set of Standards, aiming to effectively manage the World Wide Web information portal of Marine National Park (Yushan Web hereafter) and establish a data maintenance mechanism to ensure the accuracy and timely update of the website information.

3. "Web Information" referred to in this set of Standards is limited to the scope of data stored in the Administration's Internet Server. OthEr themed websites developed by other units for other operational needs are not included in the scope of this set of Standards.

4. Websites of the Administration are centrally managed by the Administrative Office, which is in charge of assigning web addresses, setting up firewalls, establishing website security systems, and protecting the web pages from vicious attacks or hacking.

5. Principles of Job Delegation for Maintenance of the Yushan Website:

-Each unit of Yushan Administration should assign dedicated personnel to constantly monitor the data, charts, and graphic contents of the web pages. The operational procedures should be closely observed when updating or altering the data, and the content should be constantly updated to avoid giving outdated or wrongful information.
-Data Supplying Unit: each unit assigns dedicated personnel to collect, update, and organize the original data and verify and check the completed webpage production.
-Webpage Production Unit is in charge of producing and uploading web pages.
-All units of the Administration should submit information of promotional publications, relevant events, news release for approval and upload the information to the related web pages for public announcement, and take charge to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the information (effective time).

6. Procedure of Up/Download to/from Yushan Website (flowchart as shown in the diagram):

-Data Supplying: the original supplying unit is in charge of collecting the original data (including paper and electronic files), organizing, and verifying the accuracy for webpage uses.
-Webpage Update: the data supplying unit is in charge of organizing the new webpage information to be updated (including document and electronic files) and verify the accuracy of the data to be used for the web pages. The same procedures apply to data deletion or webpage removal.
-Webpage Production: the data-supplying unit is in charge of producing new web pages or out-sourcing production agents.
-Data Verification: the content of the web pages should be checked and verified by the data supplying unit.
-Webpage Upload/Removal: After verifying the webpage contents, the data supplying unit may upload independently or in coordination with the Information Personnel at the Administrative Office. The same principles apply to removal of web pages.
-Electronic files submitted by all units should be in the format stipulated by the Forms Management Guideline released by RDEC of the Executive Yuan, and necessary guidelines for presentation of web pages are to be drafted in coordination with the Administrative Office of Marine National Park Administration.

7. The System Management and Maintenance for the Website of the Administration.

-For system management and safety, personnel of the Administration carries out maintenance of website data according to the duties assigned and logs on with the allocated account name and number.
-To ensure the security of data, please reset you password on a regular basis.

8. This rule will be enforced upon approval by the Director.