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Director's mailbox

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Instructions of using the Director's mailbox

Welcome to the Director's mailbox. After receiving your mail, we will be forwarding your opinions or suggestions to the relevant departments and will be replying to you as soon as possible. We sincerely take your opinions as the important references for the future policymaking.

After you send out your mail, you will get a reply from our system indicating that your mail has been received. Please click on the “link confirmation” in the replied message, and then the system will send you another message entitled with “Notice of the mail to the Director's mailbox being received.” This massage will contain a number of your mail. Please keep this mail with you.

  1. he processing time of the Director's mailbox requires three working days (holidays not included) from the following day when the mail being sent to the Director's mailbox. If you do not receive any reply from the relevant department after three working days, you can check the processing situation on-line with the number of your mail.
  2. If you cannot get the confirmation mail, please check if you give the correct e-mail address.
  3. After you receive the replies from the relevant departments (your mail might be processed by several departments), please fill out the survey of the satisfactory on-line.
  4. In addition to the Director's mailbox, we also provide a phone number (07-3601896) and a fax number (07-3601839) for the people who do not have the access to the internet to give their opinions. Please leave your contact information, including name, contact number, and address (or a fax number or e-mail address), so that we can send you our replay.
  5. The opinion will not be processed on the following situations:
    • The opinion contains no content, name or address.
    • The name, address, contact number or e-mail address left in the opinion are found false.
    • The opinion given is related to any juridical cases.
    • The opinion given is related to any administrative relief cases.
    • The same opinion which has been processed and replied properly.
    • The cases do not belong to the services of this Bureau.

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