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Recreational water activities should be conducted according to the planned partition scope as well as the relevant regulations within the South Penghu Marine National Park.

All kinds of recreational water activities are forbidden in the Tiejhen Marine Ecology Protected Area within the park.

For the special marine scenic area within the park, all kinds of recreational water activities are not allowed without the permission from the Marine National Park Headquarters in order to protect the coral reef ecology and maintain personnel safety.

Recreational water activities may be conducted if the planned partition zones within the park belong to the general control area and marine recreation area; however, in order to maintain the environmental ecology and recreational safety of the water area, jet skis and high-speed powered water dragging activities (such as parasailing, banana boat, kitesurfing, waterskiing, etc.) are not allowed. The activity period starts from April 1st until September 30th of every year, while the activity time is from 6:00am to 6:00pm every day. For particular needs where permission has been obtained from the Marine National Park Headquarters after sending the activity project proposal, then the activity types and times will not fall under the restrictions.