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The main transportation from the external world to the South Penghu Marine National Park is currently sea transportation, with approaches including direct chartered boats or transshipment:
Direct Sea Transportation: About 2.5 hours of voyage from Tainan to Dongji Island; currently, there are privately operated passenger liners sailing off at fixed times; there are still no fixed transportation boats towards Dongyuping Island and Xiyuping Island.
Sea Transportation Transshipment: Requires taking the South Sea Transportation Boat towards Wangan from Magong, Penghu County, then a chartered boat from Wangan towards the various islands, or non-scheduled transportation boats.
Transshipment from Air Transportation to Sea Transportation: Take an airplane from Taiwan towards Magong or directly to Wangan (those arriving at Magong will need to travel via sea transportation towards Wangan), then take a chartered boat from Wangan towards various islands, or take non-scheduled transportation boats.
Please contact the following for information on the abovementioned sea and air transportations: South Sea Visitor Center, Penghu; Wangan Township Hall, Penghu County; Magong Ticket Office, South Sea Transportation Boat.