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length: 03:06
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Uploaded: Oct 13,2016
After eons of continuous building
Corals have formed a perfectly shaped
Brilliantly colored ring
In the South China Sea

Drifting organisms
are the atoll’s lifeblood

Fishes dart about
The soft corals gracefully sway

A richly layered 3-dimensional space
It’s the cornerstone nurturing the diversity of marine life

A sea grass bed covering 10,000 hectares
Forms the most distinctive habitat in the lagoon

Coral skeletons
Gradually accumulated
To form the thriving Dongsha Atoll of today

The seeds of some terrestrial plants
Sprouts grow and thrive here
Contributing to Dongsha Island’s lush greenery

These guests from afar
Frolicking on the sandbar adjoining the atoll lagoon

Dongsha Atoll
Is like the Eden of the South China Sea

The continuing stream of life
Inherit the desire to drift
They set their sights on places
Ever more distant