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Introduction to Dongsha Atoll National Park
Introduction to Dongsha Atoll National Park
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: December,2009
Price:: NT$250
Market:: Government Publications Bookstore(TAIWAN) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(TAIWAN)
Category: Dongsha
ISBN: 978-986-02-1551-9

Dongsha Atoll National Park is the seventh national park in the Republic of China,Taiwan( R.O.C.,Taiwan) ,and the first devoted to marine biodiversity conservation, with a total area of 353,668 hectares. This book will help our world audience fully uncover the beauty of Dongsha Islands, a place full of white shell and coral fragments, tropical coral ecosystem, and world-class natural heritage atoll, the Headquarters compiled the studies of natural resources and cultural heritages on the Dongsha Atoll National Park, and presents this guide by synthesizing these findings in an easy-understandable format of text, photos and maps. After reading this book, I hope you will enjoy the beauty that Dongsha gives us and become to be a marine conservation activist that we all share in common.