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Dongsha Atoll National Park
Dongsha Atoll National Park
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: December,2010
Price:: NT$100
Market:: Government Publications Bookstore(TAIWAN) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(TAIWAN)
Category: Dongsha
ISBN: 978-986-02-6512-5

This book is written in comprehensible and plain style along with enthralling vivid pictures, incorporating features of Dongsha from all aspects. Through this book, we hope to guide the readers on a journey into the realm of Dongsha Atoll National Park to raise the awareness of marine conservation of the general public, and we look forward to the realization of a sustainable ocean in the coming future.

ePub : 壓縮檔案: Dongsha Atoll National Park ePUB 6.48 Mb