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Precious Dongsha - Intertidal Mollusks
Precious Dongsha - Intertidal Mollusks
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: December,2011
Price:: NT$280
Market:: Government Publications Bookstore(TAIWAN) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(TAIWAN)
Category: Dongsha
ISBN: 978-986-03-0925-6

The Dongsha Atoll National Park covers the Dongsha atoll, Dongsha Island and 12 nautical miles of waters around the Dongsha atoll. Featuring diverse ecosystems such as islands, lagoons, tidal flats, sands, seagrass bed, coral reefs and the ocean, it forms the epitome of a comprehensive marine ecosystem. Since Dongsha Island is surrounded by the ocean, it is relatively difficult to reach and hence has been spared from human disturbance. As a result, a diverse array of species has been preserved in the natural environment, in turn nurturing abundant, diverse marine species. Mollusks (common name is shellfish) consist of diverse species, ranking second in the animal kingdom in terms of biodiversity. Due to time and space elements, previous investigations on Dongsha mollusks mainly focused on the atoll region, while less emphasis was placed on the tidal flats surrounding the islands. For the people of Taiwan, the safety and accessibility of the tidal flats allowed them access to the most convenient areas to come into contact with marine life. The Marine National Park Headquarters has compiled valuable data and photos of intertidal mollusks on Dongsha Island that were gathered over the years into a popular science handbook, so as to expand the headquarters’ publication on the Dongsha Atoll National Park, as well as offer the Taiwanese people an opportunity to become acquainted with Dongsha Island’s intertidal mollusks.