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Coral, Terns, and Coral Sea: Western Buildings...
Coral, Terns, and Coral Sea: Western Buildings...
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: December,2012
Price:: NT$350
Market:: Government Publications Bookstore(TAIWAN) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(TAIWAN)
Category: South Penghu Islands
ISBN: 978-986-03-4597-1

Coral, Terns, and Coral Sea: Western Buildings, Lighthouse, and Basalt
Four of more than 90 reefs in Penghu are located south of Wannan Island. Bustling settlements were formed there for the flourishing fishing grounds. These islands include Dongyuping, Xiyuping, Dongji, and Xihi. Half a century ago, these “four southern islands” were a fisheries legend of the waters south of Penghu.
With a dual-cover design, this book introduces the coral reef ecology nourished by the great blue ocean and the magnificent landscapes formed by basalt in Penghu with pictures, photos, animations, and fun text. The special maritime customs of locals are also introduced.