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Diving in the Southern Four Islands
Diving in the Southern Four Islands
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: November,2013
Price:: NT$ 280
Market:: MNPH(No.24, Demin Rd., Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ), Government Publications Songjiang Bookstore( www.govbooks.com.tw) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(www.wunanbooks.com.tw)
Category: South Penghu Islands
ISBN: 978-986-03-9131-2

This book introduces the recreational diving points within 2 nautical miles off the four main islands and the accompany islands of Penghu’s four Southern Islands. The book is divided into four chapters, beginning wih a description of the terrain and sea currents of the four islands, and then goes on to introduce 15 recommended diving (and snorkeling) spots, accompanied with hand-drawn undersea topographic maps. Readers are then introduced to the marine organisms inhabiting these diving spots, captured in over 200 photographs taken by marine photographers, which illustrated the diverse undersea life of the four southern islands.