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Steamed Buns. Stars. Seagrass Bed
Steamed Buns. Stars. Seagrass Bed
Author: Marine National Park Headquarters
Publication Date: November,2014
Price:: NT$ 180
Market:: MNPH(No.24, Demin Rd., Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City 811, Taiwan (R.O.C.) ), Government Publications Songjiang Bookstore( www.govbooks.com.tw) & Wu-Nan Book Co. Ltd.(www.wunanbooks.com.tw)
Category: Dongsha
ISBN: 1010302486

The Dongsha Atoll is located in the tropical sea regions with warm and clear seawater. The shallow zones of the inner atoll is adorned with a widely spread seagrass bed that is flourished with marine life. Through this book, readers will enter the World of Seagrass Bed and make friends with the Cushion starfish, help friends and themselves to fulfill their dreams.